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Our name is borne of intense pride in Nova Scotia’s Celtic heritage and draws inspiration from the pioneering Scots who were first attracted to the province’s highland-like terrain. Centuries after settling here, Nova Scotia remains home to the largest Scots-Gaelic community outside of Scotland. In fact, Nova Scotia is translated as “New Scotland” in Scottish Gaelic (Alba Nuadh).
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Our Highland orchards

Haskap berries (lonicera caerulea) flourish in Canada’s eastern province. It has everything to do with ‘terroir’ – a unique and powerful combination of key environmental conditions. Nova Scotia is virtually surrounded by the temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Wave after wave of briny ocean air wash over and mingle with rich fertile glacial soil. Together with mild springs and warm summers, these conditions combine to grow the most nutritious haskap berries possible.

Our farming approach also nurtures the best results. Early in the season, you’ll find us in the orchard, pruning each bush by hand and watching carefully as the berries ripen on the bush. Once they turn a purple-blue with deep crimson interior, the berries will have reached their maximum in sweetness and nutrition: ready for harvest – and for you!

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Haskap Highland Orchards


Just like the small but mighty Haskap berry, our farming standards meet or surpass expectations. We are in compliance with Canada Safe Food for Canadians regulations, which includes a system for quickly tracing any problem back to it’s source. We also review our prevention control plans regularly and update as necessary.
Enjoying Haskap Preserves
Haskap Berries on the Bush
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The Celtic knot in our logo is a loving and respectful tribute to the strength and resilience of the first Scots who made the long and perilous trek across the ocean to settle this remarkable land.

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