Haskap Hot Pepper Preserve


A delicious sweet-tangy compliment to charcuterie cold cuts and sandwiches. Serve with soft, hard or cream cheeses.


Ingredients: Haskap Berries, Sugar, Water, Jalapeno Peppers, Pectin (Pectin, Dextrose), Cayenne Pepper, Citric Acid.
No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sulphites.

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100ml, 250ml

2 reviews for Haskap Hot Pepper Preserve

  1. KM

    I just purchased a little jar of the preserved at the Alderney Gate farmers market already having been previously familiar with it from having it in Mahone Bay at by brother’s house. Then, it was Haskapa which are now out of business sorry to say. I tried yours just now on a tea biscuit and found it equally as good. As a person who does not eat preserves due to the high sugar content, I can eat this and not feel guilty because I know it is healthy. I hope you continue to do well and hope to see you again at the Alderney Gate farmers on a regular basis or at Pete’s Frootique in Halifax.

  2. Peter King

    5 stars
    I was wondering if the peppers would overpower the berry flavour, which I find subtle and slightly tart. I tried some on a spoon, then this morning, on a bagel. My verdict is that the peppers and the berries are actually in perfect balance. The berry flavour is still dominant, and the heat is just right. (I do have a high tolerance for heat, but this preserve is definitely not over the top.)

    The juice and preserves are fine products. I appreciate that they are not overly sweet. I haven’t dropped the dried berries into my tea yet, but I’m sure they’ll be yummy too. The health benefits are also what will compel me to consider the haskap, and I’ve mentioned it to some people who, like me, had never heard of it, but who have similar motivations.

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