Haskap Berry Preserve


The perfect way to perk up your morning oatmeal or yogurt. Yummy on toast, cracker and bagels. Also makes a great garnish or addition to baked sweets and squares.


Ingredients: Haskap Berries, Sugar, Apples, Water, Citric Acid, Pectin (Pectin, Dextrose)
No artificial colours, flavours, perservatives or sulphites.

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100ml, 250ml

3 reviews for Haskap Berry Preserve

  1. WKM

    I was so impressed that finally we were able to get the Haskap products here, the only place prior was NB. I live in Bedford and tried here but no one was selling any Haskap products.

  2. Jackie McQuarrie

    Almost bit my hand trying to get it in my mouth faster. Perfectly tart, great texture, amazing flavour.

  3. Jackie

    I just got back from Christmas at the Forum with a jar of the regular preserves. THESE ARE AMAZING! I ate it on a fresh scone and almost bit my finger trying to get it in my mouth faster. Perfectly tart, wonderful texture, and fantastic flavour. And three grams of sugar? Crazy.

    I’m definitely buying more and telling everyone I meet about it.


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